Alvin Hope Johnson is an active member of his Texas community. He seeks to serve others through his non-profit titled Hope Housing Foundation, of which he is president. The group is aimed at providing affordable housing developments. Outside of his philanthropic work, Alvin manages Assertive Management Group, LLC., a privately owned property management firm that assists with his foundation’s development. He also manages Empowered Services of Texas, a general contracting firm that handles the foundation’s renovation projects. All three of these business operate in the Dallas, Texas area.

alvin hope johnson

Alvin Hope Johnson started with a humble beginning that saw him taking any job he could to make ends meet. Alvin worked in the construction and development industry by going door-to-door to offer his services as a handyman. Alvin has taken the skills he learned during that time, and used them to create a successful real estate career. He is extremely grateful to those who mentored him along the way. For this reason, Alvin seeks to share his knowledge with others, whether it be as a John Maxwell certified public speaker or through his blog posts.